About Us

We source artisanal crystals and gemstones for jewelry makers and discerning crystal enthusiasts.  

We were born in Kenya, our family came to Canada over 20 years ago and after living in various cities, we now call Toronto our home. Nairesiae has worked in various industries from retail, to corporate to entrepreneurial ventures.  She’s a mom of two young children as well as a Holistic Nutritionist.  Sein loves to travel, is a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto and has an entrepreneurial spirit with an inquiring mind.  When Sein returned from doing business in Kenya in 2015, she told Nairesiae about the raw crystals and gemstones. They immediately saw the opportunity to combine Nairesiae’s holistic practice that centered around wellness of mind body spirit with the beneficial properties of the crystals.  They had a small launch for family and friends to introduce them to their Kenyan crystals, on a wintery blizzard day in December 2016.  The response was overwhelmingly positive.  From there the idea of N&H Crystals was solidified. The name N&H, is in memory of their grandparents, Nathani and Hannah, who lived connected to nature.  They instilled those values into their children, and as a way to honor that memory and connection Sein & Nairesiae named the company after them, as a reminder to stay connected, to family and to nature.

  • What makes N&H Crystals special: If you’re buying a stone for healing properties, for raw energy, you want it to be handled by as few hands as possible.  We provide that by cutting down the supply chain, dealing directly with the miners. We know who the miners are and have a relationship with them.  We can put a face to the illusive mining industry.  The faces of the miners, the real people connecting the customers to the crystals.  So the customer feels a closer connection to the energy in the crystal and comfort level in knowing how and where their crystal was sourced.