Are Soulmates important?

Are soul mates important?

Does the idea of finding your soulmate make your heart race faster? Is your soulmate the key to unlocking your happiness?

But what if you had the keys the entire time?  Maybe you are not doomed to endless boring dates and missed love connections.  You hold the key to finding love and the soulmate who resonates with your particular love energy.

First fill your cup, feed your heart, energize your soul and love you, all of you.  You need to love being around yourself before someone can love being around you.

So do a little self pampering this month. Give yourself a little self-love boost. At N+H Crystals we believe in using natural remedies to soothe, awaken and celebrate self-love. This Valentine's day make it all about you. 

Our self-love crystal kit includes

Three (3) beautiful natural Peridot gemstones

and seven (7) red garnets.  

Peridot:  to energize the heart chakra, which will open up your heart and also attract love in all areas of your life.  

Red garnets:  for your root chakra to make sure your foundation is solid and grounded and you can achieve anything your heart desires.  

Remedy Instructions:
Put the 7 red garnets on your night table and one by one every night take one and put it under your pillow and tell yourself something you want to achieve.  Do the same intention wish for 7 nights and watch it come true! Self-love is the best love.

Our self-love crystal kit is $19.95 USD and includes:
a) 3 (three) 10-15mm natural peridot gemstone
b) 7 (seven) red garnets
c) 1 (one) glass container with cork top to keep your gemstones safe

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