N&H Crystals : Sourcing Responsible Ethical Rough Crystals and Gemstones

At N& H Crystals we believe in sourcing natural untreated gemstones and crystals from East Africa that have ethical integrity. We are set apart by:

  • Offering full transparency - From the mine to you
  • Our pioneering spirit from N&H's inception and moving forward
  • Our personal relationships with the miners and our commitment to Fairtrade
  • The production of exciting, quality designs.


Our gemstones and crystals come from N&H Mines located in Taita County, Kenya

Our gemstones and crystals is not only beautifully designed in jewellery but it has a purity of source. We know that the small scale miners who mined the stones were fairly treated. We believe in removing the stigma around 'blood diamonds' by showing our clients transparency from beginning to end.  We believe in good karma and treating our planet with respect.

We offer tours to the mine in Kenya and encourage this amazing experience.  It offers a unique opportunity to talk with the miners, ask all your questions and be a geologist for a day or two.  For more information on tours please visit our tour information page.

Our main office is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Our gemstones and crystals come from N&H Mines located in Taita County, Kenya


The Pure Water Project

 Getting the miners in Taita, Kenya access to Purified        
                               Drinking water


Photograph by Sein Kipusi, Co-Founder N&H Crystals,
Miners lining up for saltwater at the borehole July, 2017

When Sein visited Kenya this year in July, 2017, she spent some time with the miners while they were working in the mines.  While the conditions were not the best, the thing that struck her the most was the lack of clean pure water.  The miners closest access to water was a borehole that contained SALTWATER! This is what they would boil and then use for cooking, drinking and living.  The alternative is to drive to the closest town, 40 minutes away, and purchase bottled water.  The store owners, knowing that there is no other town closer and therefore no other water option for the miners, mark up the bottled water prices to three times the normal price.  Getting bottled clean pure water is a luxury, an option that most miners do not have.

Our project hopes to provide a filtration system, that works with the existing borehole set-up to provide pure clean water at the source.  Water should not be a luxury, it should be free and easily accessible, a life necessity, one that N&H Crystals is working to provide.

         A portion of N & H Crystal's proceeds will go towards this project.

Follow us as we implement the water filtration system in 2018.  We currently have a few spots open for our mine tours happening May 2018, where participants will also get to witness this water project in action.

For information on the tours please click https://nhcrystals.com/pages/mine-tours