Grounding your Energy - Autumn Season


Happy October everyone,

It finally feels like Fall with the cooler temperatures and the changing leaves.

Here at N&H Crystals the change of seasons signals a time of transformation and preparation. Transitioning to warmer clothes, heavier layers and cozier spaces.  It's also a busy time for most of us, after Thanskgiving, then the excitement of Halloween and very soon the upcoming holiday season and whirlwind of social activities.

 It can start to feel like a lot, almost overwhelming.  During this time it's a great idea to have grounding Crystals around you. They help to keep you on the right track and stay firmly grounded to the energy of the Earth. Crystals can also help restore balance in your life so your life won't seem so chaotic, resulting in more calm and less stress.

Harness the energy of these crystals for the Fall :

Black tourmaline - can be used as a protective shield against any negative energies. It also negates fearful thoughts so you don't hold back and can reach your highest potential.

Blue Lace Agate - is a stone of complete balance and grounding. It balances all the chakras down to the earth.

Ruby Zoisite - is a stone of passion, prosperity and protection. A good stone to manifest intentions for the upcoming New Year.

Selenite - a great stone for meditation, adds an element of healing and grounding. It brings calm and serene energy to your aura.

We have been busy working on new and exciting offerings which we will share with you soon.

As always, thank you for joining us on this journey as we continue to explore our connection to Nature.

With gratitude,

-N&H Crystals