Are Mine Tours Safe?

At N+H Mines we get asked the question "are the mine tours safe"? At N+H Mines, yes they are safe and we make it our personal mission to make sure you feel safe, comfortable and luxurious.

Mining for many years conjures up the image of the movie 'Blood Diamonds' with
Leonardo DiCaprio

There are still many mines around the world that mistreat their works, pay them next to nothing and use the profits to pay for wars and weapons.

At N+H Mines and Crystals we work hard to be transparent, ethical and fair to everyone involved in the process from beginning to end - including you the customer. This is why we offer mine tours at N+H Mines.  It a once in a lifetime experience to speak to the miners, understand the business, see the amazing scenery and demystify the 'mining' world.

Our mines have never had a single security issue to date and we pride ourselves on keeping it that way. How do we achieve this? We treat the surrounding community with a respect that has been cultivated from many years of friendships and donations to build better roads and access to clean water. We use one of the top security firms in the East Africa to protect our miners and tourist KK Security

At N+H Mines we offer reliability, transparency, and comfort to our tourists.  We hope to see you soon!

For booking, we require 1-week advance notice because tour groups are usually 4-6 people.  

Please call our head office in Toronto, Canada

09:00 - 18:00

Or email

For larger groups please send an email to